Hi! I am Martin Ng.

I am passionate in listening to music and music playback in a high-fidelity analogue system. Being in the Hi-Fi business (one of the founder/owner of Modular Audio) for 15 years and 40 years+ analogue playing experience, I would like to take my experience to introduce good and suitable analogue hardware, accessories, software products, and services to you. My goal is to help customers build up an exceptional analogue system at your own home so you can enjoy the music from your vinyl records collection.

Instead of operating in a shop, I am currently doing online and home audition. If any customers are interested in Wising Audio’s products and service, I can make a visit to listen to your system and know your needs, and subsequently provide an advice on the area you would like to improve.

Customers can also come to my home studio (by appointment) to listen to the represented products which I have set up my home HiFi system.

Thanks so much for the past support and I am more than happy to continue the Hi-Fi journey with you.


In order to facility the purchase, the selected Vinyl Records, CDs, and Accessories can be shop online now.

For any enquiry, you are welcome to contact me by email, WhatsApp, SMS, or phone call.



What Our Customers Says

Martin, the rack is great, Sound stage is 30pct bigger, details improve, more emotion. So another happy customer after using Tiglon. 😄

- Daniel (Feb 2023)

Hi Martin, just a quick note of thanks for your masterful installation of the Charisma MC2 yesterday. I ran-in the cartridge for about 20 hrs using the Cardas run-in lp and it already sounds so good! My LPs never sounded this good! Can’t imagine what it’ll sound after 100 hrs! Thanks for your trouble yesterday

- Michael

Just a quick note of thanks for the great advice and superb on site service on Sunday! As usual your customer service is off the charts. Martin set up nicely for me (Editor: Charisma Reference One cartridge) and now I could go back to musical bliss. First impressions were outstanding and it strikes a good balance between resolution and warmth. I dun know how to place it but it’s fast and musical and just balanced and right. Now for the hard job of more listening and breaking in. I see those buggers even mount this on a Kronos Sparta and knock it out of the park. Well I’m only using an Ovation so hopefully I should be quite happy.


Got the cartridge (Editor: Charisma Reference Two cartridge) installed till 1am last night! Big Thumbs up to Martin for his professionalism. The Moerch is not an easy tonearm. I love it’s look and sound, but definitely not the setting up part. (I came from an OL illustrious 4 years ago) The cartridge installation demands meticulous and delicate hands and Martin is few who does it well and with great patience. Yes he really takes his time in the whole setup, not slow, but making sure high level of accuracy is attained. He even repeated the steps just because I had to move the TT for a phono cable swap. Took almost 3 hours to perfect the setup. I reckon it’ll take me 3 days to do it myself and end up damaging the cartridge. After the long wait, I thought we could finally sit down to enjoy some good music, but good things don’t usually happen so easily. Martin took another 2 hours to make further fine tuning. From VTA adjustment to phono load settings. We were flipping records like roti-prata making sure I get the right level of bass mid and highs I wanted. We tweaked and listened, tweaked and listened and when the smile came to both our faces, we knew finally got it right. I see passion in the work Martin does, he doesn’t come my house turn a few screws and take my money. He makes sure I am satisfied with the sound before he leaves and this is most commendable. And any questions I have Martin is just a message or phone call away. The cart is not cheap, but the professional service I received sweetened the deal, makes my money worth every dollar and beyond.

- Paul Lim

Thanks for sorting out my cable problem. Martin also fixed my cartridge alignment. You guys now have a loyal customer.


Dear Martin, can’t tell you how moved I was listening to my Bergmann turntable after it came back from you. The re-alignment, cleaning and re-oiling you did brought back the brilliance of the Magne. It is much quieter than before, the music is more airy, fuller, more energetic and 3-dimensional. Vocals are clearer, unforced and moving. It makes me want to play the next LP, and the next LP, and the next… As I was listening and marveling at your handiwork, the articles you wrote on your website about the importance of good turntable setup and regular fine-tuning came to mind. I can now testify to the truth and service standards that you profess. Thank you for making it happen – bringing value to the “table”!

-Meng Yee

Finally my TT is done! Thanks to Martin, Without him I don’t think I can spin my LP so soon even if I’ve my TT . All my setting up tools for the TT sold . Very professional n patient gentleman! Hard to find a guy with analogue knowledge nowadays.

- Tony C