About Wonder Audio Labs

Wonder Audio Labs is founded by Mr. William Tam, who has 40+ years experience in HiFi industry in Hong Kong. He has a passion of making a dream features and good sound phono amp which can fulfil his desire (actually most analogue fans desire) on the phono amp. He has bought his concept to Europe and tried to find a partner who can develop the product per his requirements but unfortunately he could not find any one factory in Europe who can fulfil all his requirements. Eventually he encountered his engineering partner who has the knowhow to fulfil all his requirements. Mr. William Tam has developed the first Wonder Audio Labs model P1 with his engineering partner after 8 months endeavor, and eventually launched this new phono amp P1 in this year. The response is amazing after launching P1 in Hong Kong and China market recently. Wising Audio is proud of being Wonder Audio Labs Singapore / Malaysia distributor. The users and the audiophiles who have audited P1 in Singapore all give a two thumbs up.



Wonder Audio Labs Phono Amp 

1) P1 Phono Amp



  1. 3 inputs (RCA/XLR), 1 output (RCA/XLR). Each input can set the parameters separately.
  2. Gains: MM: 40/45/50 dB, MC: 55/60/65/70 dB.
  3. Power Supply : 230-250V local Singapore / Malaysia voltage.
  4. Loading: 1000 steps adjustable in the step of 1 ohm, range: 10 ohms to 1,019 ohms.
  5. Capacitance: 32 steps adjustable in the range: 0 pF to 1800 pF.
  6. Output can be adjusted to normal phase or inverted phase.
  7. Subsonic Frequency Cut : can be adjusted to on or off.
  8. Standard Active or Passive standard RIAA curve. Or adjust the Turnover or Rolloff (total 100 curves) separately.
  9. Built in audiophile grade MC step up transformers using Mumetal casing.
  10. Mono switch for mono recording playback.
  11. Exclusive patented technology: Single pole balanced amplifier by using 4 pcs of 12AU7 vacuum tubes.

The design topology of P1 are as per the .pdf file below: Link Here 

Review in Hong Kong Audio Technique magazine:  Link Here 

Mr. William Tam’s explanation of Wonder Audio P1 in youtube : Video 1 | Video 2


2) P1 Deluxe Phono Amp


This is the upgraded version of P1. It features better chassis and components such as Lundahl MC SUT and Mundorf high-grade capacitors, resulting in a more refined, dynamic, and authoritative sound. The specifications of P1 Deluxe are the same as P1.

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