Tiglon Phantom Earthing Board TMB-300
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Tiglon Phantom Earthing Board TMB-300

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TMB-300 is the TIGLON flagship audio board that is using a hybrid of pure magnesium and high-quality wood teak which is one of the three major trees in the world, and also has a Phantom Earth structure.

It has the four-layer hybrid structure which consists of the premium Russian birch laminated plate used for the shelf of the audio rack “magnesia” series on the top, the highest purity magnesium plate and vintage teak in the middle, and the high density MDF board at the bottom.

It is designed with the size that fits the shelf of the “magnesia” series, and it is possible to upgrade to an ideal audio rack utilizing the vibration absorption performance of magnesium on both shelf boards and struts. It can express the same quietness and resolution as those of magnesia also by using it as an audio underboard for racks other than the magnesia series.

Tiglon propose a “Phantom Earth Structure” that produces the effect of virtual earth without connecting the earth wire as a new technology to improve the sound quality further. The unprecedented immersive stage spreads in front of you.