Tiglon TMB-DR20E Underlay Board
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Tiglon TMB-DR20E Underlay Board

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This underlay board is developed based on high-quality Russian birch which is applied for our flagship rack “MAGNESIA”. Three different materials are used to reach live sound. It succeeds basic structure from TMB-10E, but purity of magnesium board is upgraded.

The biggest improvement from former model is the attached Virtual Earth cable called “D-REN Earth”. DF-OFC and “Super Clear Isolation” which are applied to Tiglon's Premium Line Cable, TPL series are succeeded. In addition, new outer jacket is developed from D-REN PRO tuning technology to reduce vibration. HSE technology which is becoming Tiglon's standard treatment is applied of course. By connecting this earth cable between pure magnesium in the board and audio equipment, real sound spreads in front of the listener.

TMB-DR20E is the excellent product that works as both underlay board and virtual earth cable.